○    An exploration of what self-publishing in the arts means to me in an increasingly connected and carefully curated world.

Themes and topics that runs throughout this project cover the fantastical and mundane, but are mostly born out of a reaction to the way we consume and receive information now.

○    Self-publishing for me is about making use of resources that are economical and available.

Most of the works are printed with a monochrome A4 printer, setting a limit for both size and colour, and pushing the boundaries of what printed items can be. This also includes remixing materials, ‘dumpster diving’ through personal archives and found items, connecting materials and ideas together. New meanings can be constructed out of rejected or incomplete pieces of work.

○    The book making process is part of the work itself; the book should be more than the contents it holds.

When held, the viewer should be curious to rotate it all around and peer at the imperfectness of the book. This form of complete interaction with the book object inspires my book making methods.

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