Mosaic Days

When I remember the places of my childhood, I think about mosaics and tiles that make up a lot of the buildings and public spaces of Clementi. You can say that this is my love letter to Clementi. Maybe you, as a former/current resident of the place, will remember some of these things. Mosaic Days also reflects my feelings towards the place I grew up in.


A~Z of Commonplace Imagery

A collection of photos taken from June to December 2016. Taken from my everyday environment. When these things are left alone or placed out of context, sometimes they take on a new and hilarious narrative of their own.


this is not what it looks like

I spent a lot of time controlling the way I live, and I believed that so long as I kept myself busy my anxiety would resolve itself. Of course, it was a crazy way to live. Being aware of this doesn’t mean that is was any easier to accept and to make peace with my thoughts - I am still as busy as ever. It is a continuous journey to learn to be okay.

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eat, cook & draw #1

Eating, cooking, drawing. Things I enjoy and do in my leisure time. Cooking for myself every day of the week.

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Squid Ting

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Drawings 2014-17

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This Journal Suits Me

Here’s a short history of my ugly duckling years. I was very invested in this little cut-and-paste world I made. I think of these years spent in making art as sort of the final period of my life where I made art in the only way I know how, misinformed, unschooled, and with lots of feelings. I think it is important once in a while to look through these books again. It reminds me of something Charlie Chaplin said: “That's what all we are: amateurs. We don't live long enough to be anything else.” Knowing that I am still an amateur feels promising and gives me a lot of hope for the future.

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Internet Monsters

A zine about virtual communities, MySpace, and blogging in the 2000s.

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Blue & Orange

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