Selected Works

︎ Third Space Network
︎ life in pixels
︎ Process Journals


The Third Space Network (3SN) is an Internet broadcast channel for the live media arts and creative dialogue, featuring a series of Internet chats with pioneering media artists, curators, writers, and activists.

The Third Space Network is intended to connect and make interchangeable maker and viewer in the immediacy of the live broadcast to discover and make accessible the kinds of artworks, experiences, explorations, and interactions that can only be derived from globally networked media that collapses geographical and cultural boundaries..


THEBOOKSHOW is a Singapore-based initiative that began in 2014. It is a platform for aspiring artists to showcase self-published photo books and artist books conceived out of passion. THEBOOKSHOW challenges the medium of the book, moving away from its conventional usage, and to further explore its possibilities as a form of art.

Since its conception, THEBOOKSHOW has hosted international open calls and collaborated with Steidl, National Arts Council, DECK, Objectifs and Invisible Photographer Asia.

life in pixels:
an autobiographical

This body of work develops from an interest to document and present information: details of communication, experiences, inner monologue and self-expression. This archive of source material is the basis for my projects on exploring the contemporary self-portrait in an information-driven age.
dear diary
youth cartography